Online grocery shopping

Why would you need to start ordering groceries online today?

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Buy your groceries online in one of the userfriendly supermarket webshops. Click, collect and order all products you need in a couple of minutes.

Best Discounts

Prices are only the same as in the local stores. Sometimes even better. Use discountscodes or vouchers for free delivery or lower product prices.

Home Delivery

Ones you have placed the order you can choose for a pick-up-point of home delivery. The deliveryservices are quick and professional.

After a stressful working day, everyday household duties are often a burden. It is not always fun to dig the supermarket after what is missing in the refrigerator. But wait, push and queue you can spare yourself. Make your life easier and order what you need from the delivery service. Online you place your order and the delivery service brings you what you want. You do not need a butler. To the apartment door we deliver your purchase, the number of stairs does not matter to us.

Online food shopping?

Who does not know it? All day long, the idea was to go punctually to the evening of the feast, and just before work, there was still a pile of work that could not wait until tomorrow. If the refrigerator is well filled at home, the delay is only an annoyance. Only, if the fridge is empty, after the late evening of the evening, hardly any time to get fresh food. If it does, the evening ends in new stress, after all, shopping takes time again. However, if you think ahead and order your food online, you do not have to worry about your shopping. At, we deal with the online ordering of many foods and provide numerous services for the delivery, which from now on provide for a full-loaded refrigerator.

Online grocery shopping

In the meantime, numerous food stores offer the delivery of fresh foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, spices, but also preserves, ready-to-serve meals and meat to the customer’s home. We have set ourselves the task of listing the suppliers and offer our visitors the opportunity to order their food online and conveniently. Listed according to the countries of origin and the nationality of the food, we ensure that the refrigerator is always well filled. In addition, we work with delivery services to ensure the delivery of finished food. How about tasting Chinese food at weekends? Should it be an Asian feast to spoil the palate? Or is the weekend a cozy barbecue evening, but the supermarket has only selected food for the barbecue? Our category “Ordering American Food” helps, because the Americans are certainly the pros.

Order groceries online
More and more people are wishing to feed their diet to the latest health issues. Here, we would like to support our site visitors by listing the suppliers who make Organic Food available. These foods are one hundred percent fresh and natural, do not contain any additives and act in the shopping basket, as if they came fresh from the field. Many suppliers have the BIO seal and come naturally from the region of the buyer, so the delivery also remains environmentally friendly. Ultimately, our offer resembles the shelves in an ordinary supermarket.

Behind the country dishes are online shops and delivery services, which focus on the delicacies of a nation. If you do not have the time or the desire to cook on your own or prepare a menu quickly before the visit, you can order the prepared meals online and order the delivery home. But also the fresh food is international with us. Should a dish from the oriental kitchen come to the table in the next days? The suppliers of oriental spices and ingredients have long been able to order food online. In addition, it is possible to buy the food over the Internet as in the supermarket. Listed in various categories, wander as a customer through the virtual shelf series and place the individual products into the shopping cart. After ordering, your purchase will be processed directly and the delivery will start to you. Order the food on account or in advance, you do not even need to be at home. Your delivery awaits you at home in front of your apartment door.

About the online supermarket

Time is money – time is precious. Everyone of us has been annoyed to get sick of the supermarket on a very stressful day, just because the food goes out. In the evenings, there are still appointments or even visits, the shopping in the supermarket costs only unnecessary time. With us, nobody needs to spend more precious minutes in queues or to effortlessly integrate the shopping into the daily routine. If you choose the way to order food over the Internet, you can do it comfortably from the train station, from the bus, or if the trade traffic lags the road traffic once again – the delivery arrives punctually to the desired date. Ordering the food does not have to be limited to fresh produce such as fruit or vegetables. The suppliers cooperating with us have an ingenious system, which allows even the delivery of frozen goods. Depending on the time and quantity of purchases, meat and frozen products are further cooled with dry ice so that the cold chain is never interrupted during delivery. It is of course also possible to extend the ordering of food to hygiene and household products. The dragging of heavy shopping bags belongs to the food ordering finally the past.

Grocery delivery costs

In addition to numerous payment methods, you also have the possibility to determine a fixed date for your delivery of the food. Should the food be delivered on Fridays? Anyone who already specifies a desired time when ordering, the food is delivered to the door within a two-hour window on the desired day. The payment can take place alternatively via the bank account, immediate transfer or also by credit card or PayPal payment. It is therefore not necessary to have cash in the house. The dream of an in-house butler will come true! Through the service to order food online, the food, ingredients and drinks now come directly to the apartment door. Finally, heavy shopping carts need to be heavily carried up the stairs, parking is not necessary in the evening hours in front of the supermarket and the time for shopping can be used sensibly. All of this is guaranteed by