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    Customer service

    Our website offers information about supermarkets and brand retail products. We aim to deliver the best service to our customers. As a retail shop comparison website we collaborate with many major companies who own the brands and deliver them directly to your home. We regularly update our products and links to keep up to date with trends and provide a retail service which encapsulates core goods and services to make your shopping experience as affordable and fulfilling as possible. Our partners, groceries stores and webshop items are targeted to essential buys, primarily our products are groceries, but are also excellent as gifts, birthday presents, and special presents for the best of occasions. We aim to offer bargain purchases, and will update product promotions on our website as frequently as possible. Please feel free to browse all of our category pages. If you have any questions regarding our service, or if you are a company and wish to promote your products on our website, then please use our contact us page, or fill out a form, or simply email us at enquiries@online-supermarket.co.uk. We will respond to all genuine requests.